Bragging Rights

Mohammed Ali said, “Its not bragging, if you can back it up”.  800674b728f6a76a397932056421d3cf

So today, I’m not bragging, but boasting, boasting of how, last night, I filled up my car for just £1.04 per litre, (& at that price, I brimmed it).



How did  I manage to get fuel at such a low price per  litre ?

By making use of the ADI NETWORK’s BENEFITS PACKAGE and taking advantage of a Tesco offer of 10p off a litre of fuel and using my Club Card voucher, that landed on the door matt the very same day.

Benefits Package members can save 4% at Tesco, by using our exclusive top-up card offer.

Tesco ran an promotion whereby if you spent £60 or more in store, you received a voucher giving you 10p per litre of your next trip to the pumps. ( By paying with my top-up card, I also saved 4% off this initial purchase).

So last night I filled up the tank with 38.64 litres at an advertised prices of £117.9.

By giving the cashier the 10p voucher, then handing them the £3 rewards voucher that came in the post & then paying the balance with my top-up card, I shaved a further 4% InkedInked20171117_092019_LIoff my spending and so the actual price per litre was £1.04. 








Mohammed Ali also said, ” I’ going to show you how great I am”.  53fc44a87d0058cd82af95a552959f52

Now I’m not going to do that, however I would like to show you how great the Benefits Package is and how it can save you money on every aspect of your driving school business and also the running costs of your home, not just saving at Tesco, but saving at hundreds of high street stores.


Click the link below to request a call and find out how you can save & set up a risk free, FREE trial.

My FREE Trial



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