It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Forget the decorations and the jingles on the radio, as ADI’s we always know when Christmas is near as the number of idiot drivers increases and pupils start to drop off from lessons, like needles from the tree.


We can’t stop the in-laws from coming, nor guarantee all the lights will work, however ADI Network Benefits package members can access not only money saving perks, but also, in the ‘Wellness’ section free videos tailored to reducing stress, goal setting and generally getting you re-energised to enjoy the festive season and welcoming the New Year.

The whole ethos of the Benefits Package is designed to help you be successful.

From reducing running costs by making use of the discounted rates at key high street stores, to taking payments before lessons, using the exclusive rates from WorldPay, thus reducing late cancellations and time costly trip to the bank to deposit cash, add to these up to 30% off a new car (including duel controls and logos).

Even the business and marketing support is Free, so is your first months membership, giving you a risk free trail of all the services available to help ADI’s work smarter, save more and increase their profits.

Here’s what our members have to say:

What our members say





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