New Site, New Perks, Bigger Savings

The Benefits Package shall shortly be moving over to a new platform, however the good news is that there is not much required of your good self, other than logging in to the new site and saving it in your favourites.


The reason for the change is so that ADI Network can offer more, business designed, perks giving even more savings and at no additional cost, the  subscription shall be not be going up, in fact ADI Network are even offering a way to reduce it.

By moving to the new platform, ADIs can now offer perks to their pupils, by becoming a Partner Member.
This allows ADIs to add students to the system and they then can save on entertainment, eating out and shopping, giving instructors a unique selling point when it comes to their share of your local area.

What I have found whilst trialling this with my own students, is that each time a student makes a saving, they feel like a VIP and crow about it on social media, this ends up spreading the word about me as a great way of “word of mouth” advertising, hence now my diary is full and I’m only taking students from within a 1 mile radius of home, anything outside of this and I add an extra £5 to my lesson rate. In fact I have added £5 to my basic rate and the students don’t balk at my prices, as they know they save far more by being a Benefits Package member.

What’s more, as billing is done at the end of each month, when a student is added, they get to try it for free and by adding a student to the Benefits Package, the cost of the ADIs subscription is reduced by way of a reward.

So if this sounds like a canny idea that you want in on, please contact me to discuss how we can set you up with a unique USP.

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