Running your own business as a driving instructor is incredibly rewarding.  The freedom of operating your own business, from the passenger seat of your dual-control car is as liberating as it is rewarding. The joy of watching your student’s first tentative baby steps develop into confident manoeuvres – you see a whole world of opportunity being unveiled to them as they finally pass their driving test.

But, it can also be a difficult job. Whether getting up before the sun to get a lesson in before your student starts work, working long, dark winter evenings or Saturday and Sunday appointments or the frequency of bookings these can all take their toll and negatively affect your work/life balance.

Finding time to spend with the ones you love to meet up and do meaningful things together is not easy, and to be honest we’ve all been there.

That’s why we created the ADI Network. To give something back to driving instructors who sacrifice evenings and weekends to help our population mobilise. The ADI Network is an exclusive package which you and your students can subscribe to, making you and them eligible to a whole cornucopia of exclusive benefits, discounts and offers.

The ADI Network exists to create discounts, benefits and perks for you which enable you to make the very most of your free time. From discounts on your everyday purchases like groceries, retail clothing outlets, home improvement stores to benefits on days out at amusement parks, trips to the cinema and grabbing a meat feast at your favourite pizza restaurant.

Whether you’re planning a getaway to the Med or a day trip to a stately home, there are discounts available to you, to make getting away from it all just that little bit easier. Maybe you’ve only got time to crash on the couch and watch a movie, exclusive cable discounts are available to make that cheaper too!

Children are only young for a brief moment in time, and whilst they may tell you that they understand why you have to work yet again, they find it hard to hide their disappointment at yet another weekend you have to work. Discounts on theme parks such as Legoland Windsor and Alton Towers make it possible to put the phone down for a day and dedicate some time just for them. They’re only young once.

If your teenage daughter needs some “Daddy/Daughter” time, huge discounts on Ticketmaster are available exclusively to you, to book tickets to see “that band” that she’s always going gushy about… She’ll love you for it!

And you can reward your partner, with discounts at H Samuel and Watch Hut, you can say thank you in a truly magical way with a stunning piece of jewellery or a statement timepiece.

ADI Network is also accessible to your students, as well as to you and so these exclusive perks and benefits make learning to drive with you, as opposed to ABC Driving School down the road, an even more attractive option, with many discounts, offers and options available exclusively to your students.

The ADI Network is a rolling monthly subscription of just £15 per month, with a free trial. To sign up for your free trial and to find out more click on the link below.



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  1. I earned £20 an hour (an hour, not per lesson) 30 years ago – Less than some instructors are earning today. There is something wrong with industry when you can earn more cleaning a car then you can you can teaching someone to drive it.


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