How it all came about

As a full time ADI myself, I have based ADI Network around my own personal needs as an instructor to run a successful driving school and I soon realised that, if the Benefits Package benefits me and my business, then it would also be of benefit to fellow ADI’s.

I get a genuine buzz out of helping people and sharing success, so as we all have to earn a living, why not combine earning a living with that that makes me happy and drives me on in life.


ADI Network supports members by providing a access to risk-free range of value-added services, so you can earn more, save more and relax more and at the same time informing of industry related news.

Benefits Package:
Enjoy a range of cost-saving business and lifestyle perks and offer pupils something extra with our exclusive bundle of benefits, available to ADIs.

All of the perks are designed to save ADIs money in the running of their business.

Give your pupils access to the Benefits Package & gain a unique place in your local area.


Have Questions?
We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about joining, or assisting you with an existing membership.

Please feel free to email mike.simpson@adi-network.co.uk or call Tel: 0115-6847864 for a chat


ADI NETWORK Limited is incorporated and registered in England & Wales

Company number 08896186

Tel: 0115-6847864