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Full online access driving test theory tuition by Go-Theory and access Confident Drivers for 3 months, and save over £76 compared to subscribing separately.
Just £14 gets full access to both of these award winning online resources, aimed at making you a safer and more confident driver.


Driving Theory Test

Developed by a team of professional driving instructors with many years of experience teaching all levels of students, Go Theory is the easy way to revise and practice for your driving theory and hazard perception tests.
Revision for your driving theory test is broken down into 16 manageable sections that can be completed online with ease.
Each line of the revision content has an audio description to support those that have a preference for learning through listening (auditory learning style).
Put your learning into practice with our large set of interactive questions, all drawn from the DVSA Driving Theory Test revision question
Full set of DVSA Hazard Perception Test practice clips will help you to learn how hazards develop on the road.

Confident Drivers provides resources, support and techniques to reduce stress and nerves. Techniques have been specifically selected for anxiety and nerves by a qualified professional therapist. You will get more confidence and control during driving lessons and become a safer confident driver.

You will get a selection of exercises, audio and video files in a variety of techniques, allowing you to trial and choose the ones that work best for you.

You will have access to relaxation, imagery, breathing exercises, TFT Meridian tapping and more.

Hypnotherapy audios are specifically tailored for Driving Confidence and Driving Test Nerves.

You will also get a SIX week Introduction to Mindfulness course – learning skills you can use in stressful situations throughout your life. paypal.Buttons().render(‘body’);” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Buy Online Access