Terms & Conditions

Benefits Package:

By setting up your free trial, you agree to be bound by the following terms & conditions:

  1. In addition to the terms and conditions pertaining to ADI Network, members are also bound by the terms and conditions set out by all  third party service providers included within the Benefits Package. As the services we provide may alter, please contact us for further details regarding the terms and conditions of all third parties with whom we operate.
  2. Membership to the Benefits Package is on a rolling monthly agreement and you may opt in or out as you see fit. If you decide to cancel a subscription, access is removed with immediate effect.
  3. The “Free Trial”, is for the first month only, to enable a free months trial, a valid direct debit mandate must be set up, using the link provided. After the free trial ends you shall be charged, the current subscription rate, of £15, at the end of the following month and at the end of each subsequent month, unless a cancellation request is received. Each student added shall also have a free trial.
  4. By adding a student you automatically become a “Partner Member and shall be liable for the subscription cost of each pupil added to the system.
  5. The subscription rate is subject to change.
  6. To cancel a subscription please email your request to support@adi-network.co.uk



  1. Complaints should be submitted via email to the director, Mike Simpson at support@adi-network.co.uk. The director shall respond to any complaint within five working days.


Have Questions?
We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about joining, or assisting you with an existing membership.

Please feel free to email mike.simpson@adi-network.co.uk or call 01252 759 814 for a chat.



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Company number 08896186