What our members say

Of course we are going to tell you how great the Benefits Package is, after all we are biased.

However, as the perks have all been designed to save ADI’s money, giving savings on every aspect of their business, lets hear what our members have to say.


“The Benefits Package is a brilliant way of saving your business on basic costs and also saving outside the business. I Love the fact I get a free Café Nero coffee a month. Need an early morning pick me up, even better when it’s free. Cinema tickets. My kids go at least twice a month saving me basically the price of the benefits package. Also I’m going to give a cinema ticket to anyone who recommends a pupil and they book a 10hr course from next year. I’ve asked a few pupils about the possibility and they love the idea. I fill up at Tesco’s when I can and not only save at the pump and it’s the cheapest around. but also save an extra 4% using the Benefits Package. You also get free stuff every now and then from some companies… I’ve even given a love2shop card to my wife, a pre-loaded £50. Again I saved 8% on that. I’m at least saving the money it costs and then some. It’s excellent”.
Simon Jenner
Simon Says Driver Training


“I’ve just booked four tickets and saved a whooping £26 at the Odeon, all thanks to Mike Simpson and the ADI Network. I’ll be using them again for more great deals. 😀”
Mark Eastwood
Lets Drive Pro


I’ve been a member for a few months now, great service. I’ve saved money on a couple of white goods, a sat-nav and used for fuel and shopping at Tesco. I will be hammering it through Xmas.”
Fred Corbet
In The Right Lane


“Big expense 3 of us watching movie for only £18.
Thanks to the ADI Network and Mike Simpson for the benefits package saving again!”!
Mark Jones
Lets Drive Pro



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